The Next Big Thing: Social Video [Business Insider]

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo, Video December 15, 2016

At the latest Business Insider IGNITION conference, Henry Blodget teased up the Future of Digital 2016 with a collection of amazing slides, data and insights. The take away: social video is the next big thing! See selected slides below, and full original post here.

The trend is loud and clear: digital media consumption is exploding, and traditional TV is collapsing, especially among the younger demographics:

Digital media consumption is growing, everything else is shrinking (Source: eMarketer via BusinessInsider)

A generational breakdown of mediums consumed

The digital space is shining more than ever when it comes to ad revenue, lead by Google and Facebook. Video content is still in demand, and emerging players such as iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are performing really well:

Digital ads growing, all else flat

Google and Facebook the power couple, and others


Younger TV viewership is collapsing


Yet digital video networks are exploding

Last but not least, social video is the next big thing!

The next big thing is social video

Again, great stuff by Business Insider’s Henry Blodget and his Future of Digital: 2016