Tech Review: Facetune 2 Putting Photoshop on the Phone

Michael Michael's touch, Photo January 14, 2018

I’ve recently tried quite a few iPhone photo editing apps and Facetune 2 is my favorite, here are real-life case studies:

Tricks applied above:

  • Defocus (the holy grail that the iPhone has been trying relentlessly to emulate after – the shallow depth of field)
    [You may try the auto feature but I find it hit or miss and the manual is definitely much better, if not perfect]
  • Vignette (an oval shaped spotlight effect, with a subtle dark frame around the person(s), on your chosen area of focus)

Yoyo with his Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Garger, after last day of school in 2017, also a pajama day when they coincidentally wore matching pajamas. Another trick used other than defocus and vignette:

  • Face (where you could add more smile, or adjust the jaw shape/size or width of the face, but use with caution and there’s plenty of room for an overkill.)

There are, of course, many many other features, and a lot of them not free, but I think for a lot of folks mostly shooting with a phone, these three above, all free, are going to bring a ton of happiness already.