Monkey Film Nominated for an Emmy

Michael Film, Video July 22, 2016

Myestery Monkeys of Shangri-La

Photo by Wild China Film

When I invited my friend Xi Zhinong’s latest documentary, Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La, to Asia Society for a pre-PBS Nature broadcast theatrical screening on the Earth Day in 2015, I knew this film will remain a piece of gem. This past week, I learned that it received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Nature Programming. I am proud I helped bring this project to American audiences on three occasions, once in New York and twice in Washington, D.C.

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Screening: Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La with PBS Nature

Michael Film, Photo, Video April 23, 2015

On the Earth Day of April 22, 2015, Asia Society teamed up with PBS Nature to present a stunningly beautiful production about snub-nosed monkeys in Yunnan, China. We also had the honor of having distinguished zoologist and conservationist Dr. George Schaller with us to discuss the film’s importance along with filmmaker Xi Zhinong, founder of Wild China Film. Below watch the full film:

Representing the meticulous and ambitious work of an all-Chinese film company led by award-winning filmmaker Xi Zhinong, this spectacular film is the true story of a family of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys living in the highest forests in the world. Only recently discovered, snub-nosed monkeys are hauntingly beautiful primates, different and gentler than others of their kind. Elfin-like, they seem both childlike and wise beyond their years. The family is led by a formidable fighter and his crew, who together stand guard for eight to 10 families. This is a unique monkey society, formed in response to the hardships of the Himalayas. But their survival depends not just upon strong defensive strategies; it also relies upon the cooperation and interdependence of them all.

Here below is the complete video on demand of the discussion after the film screening at Asia Society.