Gravitational Waves Explained

Michael Film, Video February 14, 2016

Wow, humanity is awesome. Here are some of the great explanations about this major breakthrough, a few video clips (the first TED talk where you could hear the sound of the gravitational waves, starting 7;20-7;44) and a Chinese social post sum-up in a visual way, although I don’t know whether it’s appropriate to embed a real graphic in the end.

Now this below is the juicy part, thanks to a Chinese friend’s WeChat post, which I think explains the discovery of gravitational waves pretty on point:

There was that legendary love-making episode over a billion years ago; a billion years later, we are finally seeing the wrinkled bed sheet.

Audio: Yoyo Sends WeChat Message to Missed Grandma/pa in China

Michael Audio December 26, 2015

During the Christmas 2015 holiday, Yoyo started to help himself using WeChat expressing his emotions and thoughts directly to his grandma and grandpa. This below was one of his first attempts to send an audio message himself, although this particularly message was misfired, and sent into a wrong WeChat group on his mom’s iPhone. Still, a fantastic linguistic and technical success for a would-be 4-year-old.

It roughly translates into:

I prepared a gift for you, do you want to check it out with me? Because I miss you, ok? Aren’t you coming here soon? Because I want to play with you, ok?