iPhone 360 Video Capture: Falcon 9 Landing on Sea

Michael 360°, Interactive, Video May 17, 2016

I’ve posted something advertising for SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket landing on the drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. But that post has some issues while viewed on a mobile device to watch the 360 video. Here below is a recorded iPhone screen playing back that 360 video via a Facebook 360 post. With an Mac and iPhone, it’s a lot easier to record the phone’s screen, inspiration here.

If you are behind the Great Fire Wall, watch below:

Wow 360 Video: Falcon 9 Rocket Landing on Sea

Michael 360°, Interactive, Video April 30, 2016

If you follow Elon Musk (no, we’re not talking Tesla here) and SpaceX, you’ve probably been impressed already by his NASA-like company’s milestone of landing a rocket successfully on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Now prepare to be impressed yet again [Click to watch, and click-hold and drag up/down/left/right to experience a 360-degree virtual reality playback]:

Heads up! 360 degree camera view of landing on the droneship

(On mobile? Just move your phone to find rocket. Desktop? Click and move screen.)


I also watched this on my iPhone, and you should do it on your phone too. If you just stumbled upon this 360 video post here for the first time on your phone, you may find it not rendering. Guess you will have to open up your Facebook app on your phone and find the video yourself, either search “SpaceX” or/and “360 degree camera view of landing on the droneship” or find limited inspiration from the SpaceX official post above. Or befriend me on Facebook and I will share/send along…

Here are some hilarious comments on the post:

Tim Baker Dear SpaceX , I’m still available for dusting, sweeping, mopping and outdoor yard care as well. But don’t ask me to clean Windows, cause I’m a Linux geek

Crouton Smodge My wife just told me that me and the rocket need to get a room… (I’m a bit obsessed with watching this…never gets old!)


For appetizers, below are some Vine and stuff: