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Coronavirus graphs: taming the COVID-19 curves

Michael Data & Graphics, Interactive March 14, 2020

Predicting when we will be heading out of the woods is the most unreliable business in this trying time. These graphs and map below are what a lot of us are watching daily while preparing to reopen society. They may also be good materials for historians and museums.

NYC cases mapped (every 5 days)

Data source:

Apex modeling for New York (Data updated until Sept. 18, 2020)

Data sources:


  • NYC data cycles from 5/6pm to 5/6pm the following day, so the two sets of data between NYS and NYC might be slightly out of sync.
  • NYC’s newly reported “probably deaths” are not included in the graphs here.
  • There are some data gaps in the Hubei-Wuhan datasets.
  • On April 17, China revised Wuhan’s toll from COVID-19 up by 50%; so take the data with a grain of salt!

NYTimes: Lung X-rays 1-2-3:

Don’t kid yourself thinking statistics are on your side, even though you don’t belong to the vulnerable populations. Read this harrowing roller-coaster experience of an athletic father of three in Mass. He almost died, see X-ray image 2 below with his lungs in total whiteout. Kudos to The New York Times. Worth remembering: your chance of surviving COVID-19 if you get it is 1/2 – either you make it or you don’t.

Mr. Bello’s lungs on March 14, his first X-ray at Massachusetts General Hospital. The white space indicates areas of his lungs that were filled with fluid and inflammatory cells.Credit…via Massachusetts General Hospital
Mr. Bello’s lungs on March 27, a complete “whiteout,” in which his lungs are hardly visible. Some doctors at Mass General said this was one of the worst chest X-rays they had ever seen.Credit…via Massachusetts General Hospital
Mr. Bello’s chest X-ray on April 8, the lungs visible again, indicating his system was clearing.Credit…via Massachusetts General Hospital

Emotional moments from the web

5.23 This Week in Numbers

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo May 24, 2016

From Ian Bremmer via LinkedIn:

For the first time, Trump ahead of Clinton in national poll average.

Who is most concerned about the South China Sea?
1 Philippines
2 Vietnam
3 Japan
4 South Korea
5 Australia (!)

5.9 This Week in Numbers

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo May 10, 2016

Via McKinsey:

From Ian Bremmer via LinkedIn:

Most languages spoken
1 Papua New Guinea 839
2 Indonesia 707
3 Nigeria 526
4 India 454
5 US 422
6 China 300
7 Mexico 289
8 Cameroon 281

Firearm homicide rates: how US cities compare to the rest of the world

Peak British Empire (1921)