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3.14 This Week in Numbers

Michael Data & Graphics March 15, 2016

Data viz video from GOOD:

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Click image to watch video “If The World Were 100 People”, simply amazing

From Ian Bremmer via LinkedIn:

If US cities were countries… (GDP)
NY = Australia
Miami = Singapore
LA = Netherlands
Chicago = Switzerland

Internet users, per 100 people
Norway: 96
UK: 91
Japan: 90
US: 87
Russia: 70
Turkey: 51
China: 49
India: 18
Indonesia: 17

Trump’s winning strategy: free media

2.16 This Week in Numbers

Michael Data & Graphics February 18, 2016

From Ian Bremmer via LinkedIn

Most at risk of job automation Countries:
Ethiopia, China, Thailand
US cities: Fresno, Vegas, Greensboro

Saudi Arabia
70% of population under 30.
70% of labor force employed by the govt.
90% of govt revenue from oil.

Child marriage rate among Syrian refugees in Jordan
2011: 12%
2014: 32% (@UNICEF)

Cellphone ownership in Africa, 2015
Nigeria: 87%
Botswana: 85%
South Africa: 75%
Kenya: 70%
Rwanda: 48%
Ethiopia: 32%

2.1 This Week in Numbers

Michael Data & Graphics February 2, 2016

Ian Bremmer via LinkedIn:

Sustained low oil prices will push $3 trillion/yr from oil producers to consumers. One of the largest wealth transfers in human history.

One fifth of Germany’s population is of a migrant background.

Number of Rides Arranged Didi Kuaidi: 1.4 billion in China, last year Uber: 1 billion globally, ever (posted in Feb. 2016)

The global economy (nominal GDP) US: 23.3% China: 13.9% Japan: 6.2% Germany: 5.2% UK: 3.9%

The World’s Economy Divided by Area

Among employed American adults, nearly a full workweek has been lost since the turn of the centuries, infographic by Project: Time Off:

Apple’s revenue per employee in 2015 is way ahead in the chart among the major tech companies:

Sree Sreenivasan via Twitter: Bicycle parking in a Manhattan garage: $200/month: