20 Years of Big 3: Visualized

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo editing March 12, 2021
How the Big Three dominated the men’s tennis field starting in 2004; each dot represents a week at world #1 on the ATP Rankings; to be updated…

If you follow men’s tennis, you know by now that the first GOAT, the universally beloved Roger Federer, has just ceded his most weeks (310) as world #1 record to one of his arch rivals, Novak Djokovic, who is also chasing the most grand slams among the big 3. Read on ATPtour.com.

I’d put myself in the category of “Big 3 fan,” thus I took a crack at visualizing the dominance of these three guys in men’s tennis for nearly 20 years. This chart will be updated regularly, until the end of this unprecedented dynasty.

  • Among the last 68 Major finals (since 2004),
  • 23 match-ups were among the Big 3;
  • combined, they took 57 of these titles.
  • Watch match points below:
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