Numbers in January 2017

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo January 14, 2017

Share of time spent by US social media users by, respectively, smartphone | desktop/laptop | tablet (Nielsen, Q3 2016):

18-34 (millennials): 78% | 12% |10%
35-49:                         69% | 18% | 13%
50+:                            63% | 25% | 12%

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5.16 This Week in Numbers

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo May 15, 2016

Occupations of persons from the Panama Papers, via this awesome blog:

From Ian Bremmer via LinkedIn:

A good way to look at widening wealth gap in America

Average internet speed, megabytes per second
Singapore 98.5
Hong Kong 92.6
S Korea 79
Kuwait 76.5
Romania 71.6
US 53.5

On average, women earn 18% less than men. Not in the UAE though. Too bad women only make up 13% of the labor force there.

From others:

5.9 This Week in Numbers

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo May 10, 2016

Via McKinsey:

From Ian Bremmer via LinkedIn:

Most languages spoken
1 Papua New Guinea 839
2 Indonesia 707
3 Nigeria 526
4 India 454
5 US 422
6 China 300
7 Mexico 289
8 Cameroon 281

Firearm homicide rates: how US cities compare to the rest of the world

Peak British Empire (1921)

The New Video King: Facebook (Sorry YouTube)

Michael Data & Graphics, Video April 28, 2016

This genius rapper and YouTuber has been a massive inspiration, an eloquent communicator and has caught my attention time and time again. What’s also becoming interesting to me is that even though YouTube should have been the primary platform for such an amazing artist, yet Facebook has emerged as the new overload on the scoreboard, by a LOT!

The first piece that wowed me was “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” about our need, as a species, to care for the planet and our environment, registering 108 million views on Facebook, and 2.8 million views on YouTube, as of today. (See some more of his awesome pieces at the end of this post)


Here below are the scoreboard tallying YouTube (red) and Facebook (blue) views of some of his videos:

More here… (You can always follow him on Facebook and YouTube)