Coronavirus 2020

Coronavirus graphs: taming the COVID-19 curves

Michael Data & Graphics, Interactive March 14, 2020

One of the buzzwords for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is “flatten the curve.” Here I am tracking the curves of four countries and between Wuhan-NYC (in total cases).

Wuhan vs New York City:

Wuhan peaked with 50,000 total confirmed cases, almost two months since the lockdown. Good luck Big Apple… (Data sources: Wuhan from IPE; NYC 5:30pm daily from NYC Health.)


China locked down Wuhan on Jan. 23, within hours multi-city lock-downs affected 57 million people in Hubei Province. Italy expanded its lockdown nationwide on March 9. (Data sources: China from IPE; others from live-updated world map of COVID-19 pandemic around 11PM U.S. eastern time by Johns Hopkins University; secondary source: WHO)