Coronavirus graphs: taming the COVID-19 curves

Michael Data & Graphics, Interactive March 14, 2020

One of the buzzwords for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is “flatten the curve.” Here I am tracking the curves of four countries and between Wuhan-NYC (in total cases).

Wuhan vs New York City:

Wuhan peaked with 50,000 total confirmed cases, almost two months since the lockdown. Good luck Big Apple… (Data sources: Wuhan from IPE; NYC 5:30pm daily from NYC Health.)


China locked down Wuhan on Jan. 23, within hours multi-city lock-downs affected 57 million people in Hubei Province. Italy expanded its lockdown nationwide on March 9. (Data sources: China from IPE; others from live-updated world map of COVID-19 pandemic around 11PM U.S. eastern time by Johns Hopkins University; secondary source: WHO)

Doc Film “Death By Design” Coming Soon

Michael Film, Video January 7, 2016

A few years in the making, this investigative documentary film explores the unintended environmental, health and social consequences of our addiction to our digital devices. Veteran filmmaker Sue Williams presents the other, ugly side of the electronics industry, which may sound as clean as a biotech lab. I helped with the film as a China producer, and went with a camera to China’s e-waste capital, Guiyu in Guangdong Province.


Death by Design poster

Poster of documentary film “Death By Design” by Sue Williams, for which I was a China producer. Click/Tap for Facebook page.

Data: U.S.-Asia-China CO2 Historial Emissions

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo January 1, 2016

Asia Society is turning 60 years old this year and one way of commemorating the anniversary is marking a historic milestone in Asia’s rise and, along with it, a major contribution to the world’s explosive growth of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

If Asia were a country, it would have become the biggest emitter of CO2 in historical terms, just surpassing the United States around this year. Below is a chart with the orange area representing Asia, and the Leogryph icon is borrowed from Asia Society’s logo:

pic_US-Asia-China historical CO2 1955-2015e copy copy

Video Series: Pictures Talk with Phoenix Online

Michael Film, Photo, Video October 15, 2014

ChinaFile’s Environment section teamed up with Phoenix Online to create a series of two-minute documentaries on the work, ideas, and aspirations of Chinese environmental advocates. The environmentalists, many of whom work in relative obscurity even within China, collect photographs and record themselves describing their efforts. This series of 30 some videos have registered over 6 million views on Phoenix documentary channel alone.

Landing page for Pictures Talk series on Phoenix Online Documentary Channel. Click/Tap to watch on

Landing page for Pictures Talk series on Phoenix Online Documentary Channel. Click/Tap to watch on

Watch these selected, English subtitled episodes on






Doc Film “Himalayan Meltdown” on Discovery Asia

Michael Film, Video May 1, 2011

Glaciers in Asia are creating an uncertain future across the region. From Nepal to the Tibetan Plateau, Bhutan to India and the Bay of Bengal, a way of life is under threat. The climate is changing and life as we know it from the mountains to sea is falling out of balance. These glaciers are source to seven of the region’s greatest rivers. But our most precious resource is disappearing one drop at a time. The people of Asia are answering the call, harnessing determination, spirituality and science to adapt and survive in a face of a Himalayan Meltdown.

I contributed research and camera work to the documentary from Qinghai and Tibet in China. Here below is a trailer:

Revealed: Himalayan Meltdown, a co-production by the UN Development Programme, Discovery Asia, and Arrowhead Films aired on Discovery Channel, Sunday 15 May 2011, 21:00 hrs.
Sun. 15 May 11, 21:00 – Discovery SE Asia
Sun. 15 May 11, 21:00 – Discovery Malaysia
Sun. 15 May 11, 21:00 – Discovery Philippines
Sun. 29 May 11, 19:30 – Discovery Australia
Sun. 29 May 11, 19:30 – Discovery New Zealand
Sun. 05 June 11, 21:00 – Discovery Taiwan