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The New Video King: Facebook (Sorry YouTube)

Michael Data & Graphics, Video April 28, 2016

This genius rapper and YouTuber has been a massive inspiration, an eloquent communicator and has caught my attention time and time again. What’s also becoming interesting to me is that even though YouTube should have been the primary platform for such an amazing artist, yet Facebook has emerged as the new overload on the scoreboard, by a LOT!

The first piece that wowed me was “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” about our need, as a species, to care for the planet and our environment, registering 108 million views on Facebook, and 2.8 million views on YouTube, as of today. (See some more of his awesome pieces at the end of this post)


Here below are the scoreboard tallying YouTube (red) and Facebook (blue) views of some of his videos:

More here… (You can always follow him on Facebook and YouTube)


4.11 This Week in Numbers

Michael Data & Graphics April 11, 2016

From Polygraph:

To begin answering these questions, we Googled our way to 8,000 screenplays and matched each character’s lines to an actor. From there, we compiled the number of words spoken by male and female characters across roughly 2,000 films, arguably the largest undertaking of script analysis, ever.
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.42.25 AM

From Ian Bremmer via LinkedIn:

Sec State travel records
1 John Kerry: 1.06m miles (81 countries)
2 Condoleezza Rice: 1.059m (85)
3 Hillary Clinton: 956,733m (112)

Total Wealth of Female Billionaires
1 China $95.4B
2 US 28.8
3 UK 4.9
4 Spain 4.6
5 Italy 2.4
5 Nigeria 2.4
7 Australia 1.8
8 Brazil 1.4

Japan’s demographic shift

World Map of Internet Penetration