The Next Big Thing: Social Video [Business Insider]

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo, Video December 15, 2016

At the latest Business Insider IGNITION conference, Henry Blodget teased up the Future of Digital 2016 with a collection of amazing slides, data and insights. The take away: social video is the next big thing! See selected slides below, and full original post here.

The trend is loud and clear: digital media consumption is exploding, and traditional TV is collapsing, especially among the younger demographics:

Digital media consumption is growing, everything else is shrinking (Source: eMarketer via BusinessInsider)

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Evian Baby Bay

Michael Film, Video May 3, 2016

Awfully creative and cute:

The most amazing surf spot in the world: all surfers are babies!

More here, one raking in 120 some million views:


And here’s the behind the scenes, or known as “the making of…”