Sliding Onto The New York Times

Michael Animation, Data & Graphics, Interactive, Photo, Video August 8, 2010

We invited The New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof to our glacier exhibition at the Asia Society. Our goal was nothing short of wowing him, from the 30-foot-wide wall-covering photo prints to a stunning array of digital assets.

Slider: 1921 vs 2009 near Mt Everest


Above is a slider tool (screenshot, see interactive version toward the end of this paragraph) I came up as a concept to illustrate the dramatic glacial change in a compelling way. It also invites the viewer to slide across the image to travel between past and present (or tap on a smartphone or tablet). The Times staff loved it and put it right on top of Kristof’s column.

I am also a big fan of GIF. See another pair of photos below [yeah, that is Mt Everest], in laid back mode:

Rongbuk Glacier under the foot of Mt Everest has thinned by 3-400 feet, vertically [Photos by George Mallory in 1921 and David Breashears in 2007]


This has been a massive project, and I have worked tirelessly creating various forms of digital assets both for our own web sites, exhibitions and the media. It has been an extremely rewarding experience to do great work, gain outsize exposure (media, social as well as foot traffic) and have a ton of fun throughout the process.