Reel 作品集

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The latest reel incorporating projects in video production, data visualization, motion graphics and Keynote presentation slides, among other things.

Highlights include capturing Meryl Streep and Yo-Yo Ma kowtowing toward each other on stage, illustrating economic growths with ghostly bubbles, visualizing landscape scale with iconic Statue of Liberty, branding animations and videos, to name a few.

虽然学新闻出身,但是越来越偏离了传统意义上的新闻了,做的很多事情都不是“新”闻。唯一不变的是用新闻中学到的如何讲故事,再辅以最新鲜的技术手段把所见所闻更有意思地展现出来。以下作品集包含了视频、数据图、动画、演示文稿等手法,内容有马友友和Meryl Streep互相跪拜、中美经济增长趋势动画、冰川前后百年融化的对比,等等等等… 【视频优酷链接


When Arrowhead Films called for help on its UNDP-sponsored one-hour documentary film on the climate change consequences in Asia, I dug through the archive and contributed invaluable footage and assistance to the production of the Discovery Asia film, Himalayan Meltdown.

At Asia Society, UNDP hosted two screenings of the film, on June 9, 2011 in D.C. and June 14 in New York. Here below is a trailer.


Michael Yamashita is National Geographic magazine’s most prolific China photographer. Asia Society invited him for a book talk showcasing his work from his book Shangri-La [along the tea road to Lhasa]. I produced this 3-min book promo video for the event and social media campaigns.



In 2014, Asia Society teamed up with China-based Phoenix Online to create a series of short videos introducing grass-roots environmental NGOs and their work across China. The series, Pictures Talk, registered over 6 million views in nine months. Here is a curated selection with English-subtitled episodes on, and below is an animated Call for Entries we produced prior to the series launch.




Michael's published works

Here are a few selected pieces of work published in mainstream media outlets or my appearances in them. For more click/tap these links: documentary for Discovery Asia Channelvideo on nytimes.comstory in the Forbes Magazinefeature for The Atlantic, etc.