Childhood Documentation 纪录童年

Animation / Audio / Documentary / Photo / Video

First and foremost is an exhausting video production that took exactly a year to shoot, edit and put together, huge thanks to Yoyo’s mom, grandma and grandpa, without whom this production would have been mission impossible.



Yoyo picked up his courage to step onto the stage, with the little stool as his footrest, for his first recital. He did it beautifully. Simply him being able to get his little fingers on that piano gave me and my wife a huge emotional boost. We couldn’t be more proud of him, who had just clocked less than three months of piano lessons (half an hour each week).



An ongoing documentation of Yoyo’s growth gets spiced up with an animation technique. (Hint: Michael Jackson’s Black or White music video, also known as metamorphosis)



Another metamorphosis, or face morph, case study transitioning between Yoyo and myself. I am glad that I could come up with these two photos with similar angles and facial expressions. [If you are also interested in trying it out yourself, the iPhone app is called Motato, and it is self-claimed “the best face morph app for baby and celebrity!”]