“Thanksgiving” Inscription in Chinese Found on Moon

Michael Data & Graphics, Photo November 23, 2016

FNN, November 24, 2016 1:01pm Beijing time – It is that time of the year again, as Americans express their loud thanks by busting any doors at shopping malls around the country, saving a few bucks while salvaging the US economy. This year, though, the Chinese have a quiet way of joining the Thanksgiving tradition.

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Chinese inscription of “feel” and “gratitude” were discovered in two craters on the moon, as announced by CASA.

CASA, the Chinese equivalent of NASA, has a lot of thanks to give, indeed. For starters, the Chinese moonshot agency has been flooded with doubling budgets every year over the last ten years, and at times doesn’t know which dream projects to cut on their long list of space exploration ideas, which include going to Mars of course.Their US counterpart, however, may have four very gloomy years ahead, or even eight.

Adding to CASA’s expanding accomplishments, including a moon rover landing and the recent astronauts visiting Tiangong 2 and returning to Earth, the space agency just announced at the eve of Thanksgiving that their astronauts, while bored of staring at the moon’s barren landscape from their cabin, identified two Chinese characters inscribed inside two twin craters right before calling quits. And they read “feel gratitude,” if translated into English. In order to counter any disbelief in this age of proliferating fake news, they immediately snapped a few shots at the scene with their 600mm lens and transmitted the images right down to a server at Jiuquan, Gansu Province, fearing the original files might get lost in orbit.

The Chinese space agency couldn’t find a better time to share the news and the image with the world (mostly with America). “However much crap our American friends haul home from the malls, we want to say to them, thank you for helping save a dying export industry in our country,” says a press release put out by CASA. “And enjoy the ‘thanksgiving’ moon. In no time it will be a province of ours.

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