Frugal, Yet Fine Living

Michael Animation, Interactive, Photo July 23, 2018

Some handy projects* to elevate the city living while adding a bit of DIY fun:

  • Non-conventional AC installation:

    Imagining side panels generating little or zero drafts, we got customized, hand-crafted acrylic or poly-carbonate sheet glass panels, for all 3 air conditioners. Crisp clear view and double pane for winter-proofing! [Over 10 hours of labor though.]

Not sure about the foam’s life expectancy, as in a couple of weeks there’s already a strip of dip along the dripping line.

  • Bathroom ventilation fan shield with sliding door:

    Another sheet glass showcase with a little help from a piece of thin plywood at the base. Sliding door can close in a second to block wintry drafts invading the warm air indoors.

  • Multi-laptop rack:

    A drawer-like toy container re-purposed to smoothly slide in three laptops in a standing position, saving space and desktop chaos. Probably also saved $80-100 for off-the-shelf unit(s) for the same utility.

  • Anti-grease cabinet top cover in kitchen

    For those who cook quite often, grease is an unsightly inevitability. With some tinfoil sheets, making a cabinet top cover is a no-brainer for us.

*Won’t be possible without the 16-week Paid Parental Leave offered by TD Bank.