2016 Chinese New Year Greeting Card from Family

Michael Photo February 4, 2016

It’s that time of the year again that Chinese send out their New Year’s wishes to family and friends, and nowadays also to those social friends which could number in the hundreds.

I tried something somewhat professional looking yet not painfully complicated, thanks to the Internet. Here below are the two versions of the 2016 Chinese New Year’s greeting card from the Zhao/Cao family, featuring a selfie photo from a beach in Cancun, Mexico in late November last year. The reason why I am showing two versions is that when I AirDropped the first version, which looks pretty good on my MacBook Pro’s screen, to my iPhone, it looked terribly dark and you cannot see our faces at all. Then after a few tricks in Photoshop, I finally made a version that looks acceptable on the phone. Here are the differences below:

春节问候卡2016手机版 copy

The smartphone acceptable version, which is much brighter and it shows on a computer screen.

春节问候卡2016 copy

The computer-friendly version, which looks totally dark on a smartphone screen

Feel free to try to look at these on different displays and most importantly, 猴年大吉大利!Happy New Year of the Monkey!